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  1. FunnyStar

    SMS reports

    Hi, i am getting some problem for patching report in sms server, as the patching result is not showing up for the following bulletins articles in sql and sms server. MS11-087 MS11-089 MS11-099 i can pull the reports for other bulletins , can anyone help on this ? Thanks.
  2. FunnyStar

    ITMU sync Issue

    Hi , i am getting wsync error message in sms. When ever i run manually to sync the cab file with microsoft no issue and sync with sql server. But if run with scheduled Adv its giving me the error like below... UpdateWUSCatalog(15:00:33): error 0x80041002, Not found, Error retrieving object PackageID=xxxxxxx, returned from IWbemServices::GetObject(SMS_Package.PackageID="xxxxxx") Some WUS catalog updates failed. Will retry next time. Can anyone have solution for this ?
  3. FunnyStar

    Patch Report SMS / SCCM

    Hi, I followed the below link for patch compliance report. I would like to add some additional information in these report as Patch install date from Add remove program list to this 3rd report. Can anyone help me out to get this report. http://eskonr.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/monthly-patch-statistics-reports-to-show-up-to-the-management-in-a-simplified-manner/ Thanks in advance.
  4. FunnyStar

    Patch Management report statistics in SMS /SCCM

    Thanks.Its worked like charm.
  5. FunnyStar

    Patch Management report statistics in SMS /SCCM

    Hi, Thanks for ur reply. am following ur query from the text file. first i created the 3rd report as in the website there am getting to declare the Title variable but in website its shows to create in 2nd report for Prompt. Could u pls try once again or tel me which report should i create first? Looking forward from you. Syed.
  6. FunnyStar

    Patch Management report statistics in SMS /SCCM

    Hi, He mentioned in the 2nd report for the Title value, while creating 3rd report itself its asking variable declartion (am creating 3->2->1). Even if i assign the varchar to the Title in the 3rd report showing as No Records found like that or empty values. Help me
  7. FunnyStar

    Patch Management report statistics in SMS /SCCM

    Its giving the error to define the @Title variable in sql???
  8. FunnyStar

    Patch Management report statistics in SMS /SCCM

    Hi, Thanks for your quuery. I would like to have the host names in this report? My question is : i would like to have all the host names in this list for compliance machines , could you help me on these? Thabks in advance. Syed.
  9. Hi, i am trying to deploy the server 2003 os as ZTM. i have created the .wim file, added the NIC,SCIS driver from vmware. after sysprep completed while reboot process( start to capture) is giving error like "not able to access the hard drive,pls make sure storage drivers for windows PE" in vmware. Pls help me out in these. Thanks in advance. Regards, Syed Kalif