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  1. The problem: After installing the Exchange 2013 server in a co-existence scenario with existing server exchange 2007 the outlook cannot connect to the new mailboxes, created in Exchange 2013, showing the credentials window and following error: “There is a problem with the proxy servers's security certificate. The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the target site [server.domain.com]. Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server. (Error Code 0).” The owa access for the same mailboxes works fine and sending/receiving emails is possible. When trying to open https://*-mail-01.*.local/rpc in the browser, it asks for credentials and then gives error 404. Configuration data: Local domain aka *.local Mail domain of @**.net Exchange server 2007 sp3 *-mail.*.local Exchange server 2013 cu9 *-mail-01.*.local Certificate mail.*.local contains following namespaces: mail.*.local AutoDiscover.*.local Autodiscover.**.net *-MAIL-01 *.local **.net *-mail-01.*.local Legacy.*.local Mail.**.net Certificate is imported to both old and new exchange servers. SMTP, IMAP, POP and IIS are signed by the new certificate in the Exchange 2013 server. * - company internal domain name ** - company external email domain DNS records: Autodiscover: ip of Exchange 2013 Legacy: ip of Exchange 2007 MAIL.*.local: ip of Exchange 2013 Accepted Domains: **.net (standard domain), *.local Virtual namespaces (as configured on the Exchange 2013 server: Directory URL (internal and external) Authentication Autodiscover Integrated windows, standard Ecp https://mail.*.local/ecp Standard, formular-based EWS https://mail.*.local/ews/exchange.asmx Integrated windows Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync https://mail.*.local/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync SSL-Activated, Standard,Client Certificate Ignore OAB https://mail.*.local/OAB owa https://mail.*.local/owa Form-based Domane\Username
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