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  1. So the thing about it is, if I push the client from the Site server to a computer without a client, the client install works just fine. It is only broken in the Task Sequence. Also if I re push the client to the OS after the task sequence fails and specify to remove any existing clients it installs just fine. So you are saying put the hotfix in the client OS and recapture the image? This image is from my site server...
  2. Hello, I am having an issue that seems to be related to CU2 for 2012 R2 SP1. My task sequences fail during the "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" where it does not fully install the CM client and fails to run anything after that step in the task sequence. I have uninstalled both CU2 and CU1, reinstalled CU2, uninstalled the Management Point and Distribution Point. My task sequences are the bare minimum. Any help you can provide will be extremely appreciated. I have exhausted my Google Fu and I thought I would post here. Thank You! ccmsetup.log
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