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  1. Thanks JT - I gave something similar a shot and the boot image got network connectivity. The task sequence failed shortly after, but we should be able to figure out the reason in short order. Ze - we used the first version (10240).
  2. Hello all: A couple of weeks ago I received a 7270 for deployment testing. My company currently runs SCCM 2012 SP1 (not R2/no CU's) with the ADK for Windows 8.0 and we deploy to a variety of Dell laptops including the 7240 and 7250. When I tried to boot the 7270 using our existing boot media it did not detect the network adapter. I downloaded the latest WinPE driver pack from Dell, injected the drivers into our boot image, and still no luck. I then created a WinPE using the ADK for Windows 10. Booting from this image also resulted in the network adapter not being detected, but when I injected the Dell WinPE drivers manually it finally showed network connectivity. Figuring the necessary network driver is definitely in the WinPE driver pack from Dell, I have tried several different tests to get the driver into our boot image for OSD to no avail. Is anyone else testing the 7270 and having any luck?
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