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  1. Hello , I have sccm 2012 SP1 and once i configured the PXE it is working with no issues and osd deployment working after 2 days it is stopped , the booting happen but the task sequence list not shown again . and i have the below issue : I try to remove pxe and add it , remove wds and add it and still the issue shown .
  2. Hi I need to design Runbook to make planned failover for SQL alwayon replica I have 3 SQL alwayon Replica how can i do that ?
  3. Hi I am trying to create VHD by Task sequence but is is fail please i need help
  4. I install the second node without NLB and after i shutdown the first reporting node the reports didnt shown in the sccm consle??? But i can see the reports on the second node by browsing the HTTP://reporting2/reportserver what is the issue ?
  5. I am asking if it is doable or not ( NLB with sccm reporting role) what is IMO abbreviation?
  6. GarthMJ Thanks for your reply but i have more question please bear me . suppose the first RSP node is down , the other one is working fine with no issue so i can consider this is the high available solution for sccm RSP . how can make the reports is consistent on two nodes ? how we can copy them? our help what is the risk assessment if one of our RSP nodes is down . Thanks for all your help
  7. Hi GarthMJ I want to install 2 sccm reporting role on 2 remote nodes how can i do that ? i already install the first node and it is working perfectly but when i am trying to install the second node i be confused, is the 2 sccm reporting servers will using the same DB? how the 2 sccm reporting will now each other ? how the reports will be consistent ?
  8. Hello , I have sccm 2012 and i need to have 3 RSP on 3 remote servers , how can i do that ? Is that NLB is support in this situation? shall the 3 reporting point using the same DB ? my objective to have Hightavailability for sccm reporting role
  9. Hello , I have SCCM 2012 and am trying to configure access account , i have remote sup and remote reporting service . My question : when i go GPO to( Access this computer from this account ) and assign this user NAA to the GPO , it should applien on OU contain DP only or remote sup and remote reporting , DB site also . please i need help
  10. Hello , I have 11 Location all over the world in my company and i am planning to install sccm 2012 R2 Paris : 3500 PCs London : 4000 PCs Moraco: 2000 pcs Bahrain: 400 PCs Russia: 1000 PCs Poland: 200 PCs Dubai : 200 KSA: 130 New yourk :750 cairo: 45 Delhi: 100 shall i make hierarchy and install primary on each site ? shall i make a primary and secondary on each site ? if yes what kind on sql shall i use ( express or standard) need recommendation about the planing and sizing please we will provide application distrbution and OSD deployment how many wsus server shall i implement on each site ? in which sites shall i use multiple wsus ? All the remote sites has wan link with 512 KB between HO and remote sites Thanks
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