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  1. Thanks Peter, I figured the option had to be there somewhere. The reason I couldn't see the delete option was that the ribbon (and subsequently the right-click context menu) was not loading in the console correctly. Similar to this issue here - https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/b647169e-8ef0-4846-9856-804bd54865e8/sccm-2012-r2-sp1-ribbon-wunderbar-not-loading-for-deployments-on-collections?forum=configmanagergeneral Your answer pointed me to the fact that we have other unrelated issues, so thank you again. All sorted
  2. Hi, Obviously a beginner here with this question, so apologies in advance if there is a simple answer to this. I have mistakenly deployed an Antimalware Policy to an incorrect device collection, which now has 3 policies deployed to it and applied to SCEP clients (Default and two custom). I cannot find a way to retract or remove the mistakenly applied policy. Is this possible and if so, can someone point me in the right direction? The mistakenly applied policy is being used by other collections so I'm hesitant to delete it, recreate and redeploy to the correct collections, but if this is the only way then so be it. Thanks and I appreciate any guidance or advice.
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