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  1. thadkew, Your reply does not help with the issue. You can be best served to answering the questions of the forum thread rather than injecting opinions nobody asked for. As for the information you trying to offer for my issue, it does not solve the problem.
  2. Hello, My company has decided to create and deploy the LTSB version of Windows 10 Enterprise instead of the CB version. Within the build process, we want to have applications populate the taskbar but every time we create the OS build and capture the OS and then test the deployment, the taskbar appears to empty which means that users will need to be instructed on finding the Internet Explorer icon, Windows Explorer Icon and have to drop the MS Office icons there. I might be missing something within the build process so I'm hoping there is a simple solution to creating a more customized desktop environment for users right from the image that gets put on their PCs.
  3. Hello, I managed to capture a Windows 10 build but to clear past this message, I needed to go into the Virtual Memory tab of the system settings and set the PC to have no pagefile or swapfile given the error that I captured above error 0x80070006 was failing on line that said WIM error:D:\swapfile.sys. The handle is invalid. (Error: 80070006; Source: Windows) So I guess I wonder if anybody else needed to clear the virtual memory settings to successfully capture a Windows 10 build in SCCM.
  4. Hello, I am trying to do a capture only of a Windows 10 version 1511 x64 build to our SCCM 2012 R2 server. The build was done on a desktop PC syspred'ed in audit mode. We are able to get an IP address and then PXE boot into the server. We get to the point of choosing 'Capture Windows 10 x64' and it appears as if the system starts to prepare for the capture however nothing gets uploaded. What is noticed is that Capture Task Sequence 'Scans the reference machine' for about 3-4 minutes and there is no progress bar moving. The Task Sequence then attempts to 'Capture the reference machine' Where after 30 second the error message appears that the task sequence has failed with the error 0X80070006. The SMSTS.log is attached to this post. Any help to decipher what the issue is and help to correct/tweak the task sequence or other to make the build capture cleanly is appreciated. smsts.log
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