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  1. Just to update this (sorry for the really late in getting back here) - looks like what happened is that for some reason the clients weren't picking up the new settings to run the scans... not really sure why, but as soon as I kick off a manual policy update on the ones that aren't updating, from then on they have been ok. Thanks!
  2. @GarthMJ, Thanks for the reply! Actually did already take a look at that article, and no, when looking at the InventoryAgent.log file there was nothing new in the log whatsoever that would have indicated that the reporting task had attempted to kick off at all... seems strange. The last Inventory action that I had seen was from the 31st of last month with an action of "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000003}". No hardware, software, or file collections. However, now since I ran the manual task, I am getting the hardware and software inventory actions starting this morning... I'm going to keep my eye on it and see what happens tomorrow. I'll update tomorrow once I can see if things are flowing as expected. Thanks, Chad
  3. Hello all! Long time visitor and browse often, haven't posted much (if at all) since registering. Thanks for a great site with lots of great discussions! Here is my situation: I am working on implementing an automated way to get all our laptops onto Bitlocker. We run a Dell shop here, so I have tasks that are automating the process (which work beautifully), but for some reason my hardware inventory schedule that I have assigned to my test collections don't appear to be running on the clients assigned to that collection. The laptop that I am doing testing with does everything it's supposed to fine far as the task sequencing goes when it gets into the collection, but thus far I've only been able to get it to move collections by manually kicking off a hardware inventory on it - for some reason the schedule doesn't seem to be running the hardware inventory like I would expect (IE a TPM status change). Could anyone give me some direction to start troubleshooting this? I'm including screens of my current Client Settings. Thanks much! Chad Edit: Sorry, just realized this probably would have been better placed in Troubleshooting, tools, and tips.
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