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  1. Hi, Trying to figure out the mismatch here. I have an app (installed outside of ProgramFiles/x86 - C:\myApp). The "Reports: Software - Companies and Products > computers with a specific product" will return for example Office 2016 systems but not my app installed in the root of the drive. Now if I open the "Hardware Inventory - Installed Applications" on a computer with both apps installed, I can see my app that is installed to the root of the drive as well as Office 2016. Is there a config change needed to show apps not installed within ProgramFiles/x86 with
  2. Are you planning on doing this during the OS deployment? If so, you could do something like edit the default user registry hive. Or is this going to be for Win10 systems already deployed in your environment?
  3. Hey ZeZe, After running into same issue this week toying with Win10 deployments I ran into the same errors you and other have had (adapter not re-initializing after restarting to WinPE 10.0.10586.0). I checked the TechNet blog you posted and it was updated at the beggining of the month. Microsoft has released a hotfix to address the OS Deploy issues. Firgured you'd be interested in the new info. I haven't had a chance to try it out since I'm not the SCCM server admin but I hope it does as Microsoft claims.
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