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  1. Hi all. I have problem. Domain users can't see "memberof" others users. Only if have admins rights. I compare rights in my test domain, but didn't find problem. I created topic on technet, but nobody can't help.
  2. Hello. I have DPM 2016 and SQL 2012. I add new bases, then i change available group to add this bases in backup, DPM doesnt't see their. How i can add this SQL bases to backup? Of course i made "Refresh" Thak you.
  3. I did inventory. See 01 and 02 pictures. Then i see logfil CcmMessaging. Picture 3. Where not information about "sent to the MP"
  4. I did 1 Phase by this link https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/updated-troubleshoot-configmgr-hardware-inventory-issues But in file "CcmMessaging" i see only and These messages are repeated.
  5. Новый точечный рисунок — копия.bmp Новый точечный рисунок.bmp
  6. Yes, he have.And in console i see that inventory was completed yesterday.
  7. Ok, i read it, i see one top user. Computer present in Collection. But in report Hardware 01A - Summary of computers in a specific collection I choose collection, sccm generate report, but without this computer. WTF??
  8. Hello. Please, help me. My some PC in collection missing in report "Hardware 01A - Summary of computers in a specific collection" but in "Hardware 09A - Search for computers " i see him. Without information about "Top Console User" What logs i should to see?
  9. I resolved my problem. It was ntfs rights. I fix it. Thank you for help.
  10. Please help. I don't understand, why again not working. Thank you. scanstate.log smsts.log
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