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  1. Thanks for that Eswar, that explains it clearly. I just hadn't noticed it happening like that before and thought it might have related to other problems we had been seeing, but knowing that it is normal makes things better.
  2. Looking at this a bit further over the last couple of days, it appears that the console only updates the Last Scan Time once a day, at which point it updates with every scan done in the last 24 hours and puts them in at the correct time, so in effect on my system it processes all the scan as they happen but only updates the Last Scan Time at approx. 10:00 every day, and then doesn't update any times until 10:00 the next day. Is this normal, as I've never noticed it before, but it might just be me being unobservant?
  3. I seem to have an issue just come up which means that the date/time in the SCCM console is not updating for Hardware or Software scans. They seem to show ok if I query v_GS_LastSoftwareScan via Management Studio, but they are not updating in the console. I tried running a site reset and it picked up all the scans for the last 28 hours (when it seems to have last updated them successfully), but has not updated in the 4 hours since I did the site reset. I can see traffic going through the MP_Hinv.log which appears to go through without any errors. Where should I be looking next to work out what is happening? Thanks.
  4. Did you manage to find a solution to this as it sounds very similar to an issue I've currently got, where machines are reporting they are "compliant" in the "States 1" report, but if I look in the "States 3" report at the machine and deployment, every patch says that it is not required, despite being obvious ones which the machine needs.
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