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  1. Hi All, Based on technet article (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh508770.aspx) ,you do not need SCEP client installed on Windows 10 machines in order to manager anti-malware policies. However, the behavior I have seen is quite different. Windows 10 Client A: SCEP is not installed. Can confirm that policy applied from reg key HKLM\software\microsoft\ccm\epagent\generatedpolicy. SCCM console under client summary -> Endpoint Protection Deployment information -> Deployment State: "To be Installed" instead of "managed" On client under security -> windows defender , I have ability to add exclusion Defender console doesn't have any policy name Windows 10 Client B: SCEP client is installed all policy applied Deployment state under client summary is "managed" Defender GUI has policy names listed Based on above testing, I believe that we do need SCEP clients on Windows 10 devices in order to managed Windows defender and SCEP client will work as a bridge between Defender and SCCM. has anyone got this issue ? or I am missing something here? there is not much explanation from Microsoft regarding managing Windows 10 clients. any help would be appreciated, Thank you Bav,
  2. Thank you for that. I will look into that..or I was thinking of using AD cmdlets with server IP. I will post my progress..
  3. Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. I can call PS1 script in prestart command to set SMSTSPreferredAdvertID based on username and password. Is there any way I can pass AD credential ? Thank you once again
  4. Hi Guys, We are trying to create PowerShell script where Deployment technicians can enter their AD credentials and based on their group membership, they are presented with Task sequence list. Any thoughts? Regards Bav,
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