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  1. Hello I currently have a working task sequence for non UEFI machines it currently provisions a bitlocker space and depending if its a laptop or desktop enables either bitlocker with pin or just bitlocker No matter what I do I cannot seem to get a UEFI version to work in the task sequence. I have copied various settings from a MDT task sequence that cater for the UEFI sequence. I seem to be able to format based on the items I have copied but cannot get the bitlocker part to work. No errors as it seems to go through the sequence ok so I am guessing its not picking up correct variables to
  2. More investigation it looks like the TPM driver is appearing under the system devices not under security devices, does any one know why this would be happening?
  3. Don't have MBAM would like to get this resolved via the tasks sequence but thanks for the option
  4. Hello having major trouble with enabling bitlocker in my task sequence, been trying to follow various sites to help fix I use the Islaptop, IsDesktop to apply specific types of TPM The strange thing is when the enable laptop tpm, fails and goes onto the desktop the bitlocker process seems to have started when I try to right click resume the process the following error appears WIZARD initialization has failed One or more Bitlocker key protectors are required. You cannot delete the last key on the this drive am I missing something I have tried various different ways of getting this
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