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  1. Hi guys, We are trialing Windows Server 2016 at the moment and experience slowness in resolving AD objects. At times, the domain objects are not searchable. Both issues above happened to two of Win Server 2016 that we are trialing. Port 389 is opened and also have tried with Windows Firewall being turned off. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, As sha1 will be deprecated soon, we are planning to migrate to SHA256. Our CA is already using Key Storage Provider that supports SHA256. Has anyone done the migration before? what would the impact be to SCCM Clients? will they be renewed automatically with the new sha256 cert? I believe sccm client certificate only support v2 sha256 cert? Thanks
  3. bat script is running line by line. so it wont move to the second line if the first line is not fully executed. otherwise you can create multiple applications and set up the detection method of each versions and then create supersedence.
  4. have you distributed your driver package to the DP/s?
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