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  1. So, I solved one of my problems, the english image Screen resolution and bit display. I had to go to (drive_letter)\FNA_MDT\Control\[imageName]\Unattend.xml I changed these to the desire settings : Now, all there is left to do, is find out how to keep only 1 Keyboard instead of 3 for the English image, and 1 instead of 4 for the French one. This is into Windows. When the image has been deployed to the machine. And where would I put the KeboardLocalePE=X ? in a file ? in a script ? in a vriable declared in a script ? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, I've pushed both images and seen no change. The english image still comes at 1024*768 with all set in the US.
  3. Hello, I have 2 sets of image I want to pass different rules : 1 is a Windows 7 Canadian English image 2 is a Windows 7 French Canadian Image for image 1, I don't have access to the original VM Image, it was built in the US. for image 2, I built it myself. so the set of rules are easy : Image 1 : I want the options. in region & language to reflect the following : Format : English CANADA Location : CANADA Keyboard (General) : [English CANADA] , US System Locale : English CANADA Right now, everything is configurated as English, US and located in USA. we have some GPOs that apply by country and region. By default, the screen rosolution is set to 1024*768, I want to override this by setting it in 1920*1080 (32Bit colors) Image 2: I want only 1 keyboard, French Canada. not [French Canada],French Canada, Canadian Multilingual, [English Canada], US, French Canada I've tried many options, format and rules, but none of them applies. I lately foud out that MDT does not pass the priority when asked (in this case by adding %TaskSequanceID% in the priority rules of the ini) attached is the set of rules for this server. There's no nominal informations (like keys or PWD). Please Help me Rules_ini.txt
  4. Hello all, as my title is saying, I'm from Quebec Canada. I've been managing 2 MDT servers more closely for 2 years now and I've learned a lot about the system. I know there's still a lot to learn and I have pletty of questions to ask Thanks for having me on board ! Cheers !
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