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  1. Hello, I'm not a pro at this so please forgive me. I have an MSI installer that comes with a MST transform. Some clients are not operating correctly so they need to be reinstalled by SCCM. So far I have: -Created an application package to uninstall -Create an application package to install -In the install app package, Deployment Types, edit the MSI Installer and set the Uninstaller app as a Dependence. This may have worked 1 time but it did not reboot successfully and can't be run again because it knows it's already run. The install MSI checks for the application GUID and see's it's already installed. I read online that to re-install an application write a value to the registry and then check for that. Ok. I've been trying to edit the MSI but am failing. I've been using Orca and SuperOrca. Basically I load the MSI and MST, add a new line in Registry, It asks for a a "*Registry" key, I make one up that seems to match the formatting of the others, enter the Key, Name and Value, make the Component match the *Registry. But it does not work. The reg key is not created.. I included a screen shot of my handywork. I've googled around and can find no example of adding a new registry key. I can only find changing a value. Any help would be GREAT!
  2. Current patched SCCM on a prior working Windows 10 OSD for some reason starting failing on Pre-Provision Bitlocker. Nothing changed that I can think of. Also first time posting and am kind of new at running SCCM so forgive me. I've checked logs I know of and see nothing about Bitlocker. For now I had to "Continue on error" so the techs can keep imaging computers. I have other issues with my task sequence I would like to ask about later but this is the issue I need to work on first. Please let me know logs and such I should post. If there are any task sequence experts out there I would be more than willing to do a paid engagement to help me get this, and the other issues I'm having sorted. Short list of other issues I can't seem to work out -After first PXE boot to format the drive in the even the drive is currently encrypted, many of the Dell BIOS settings seem hit and miss. The computer then reboots but tries to PXE boot again and must fail then will continue booting off hard drive. How do I ensure on "install operating system" part it's booting PE off the C drive. The larger issue is if I make offline media. The computer will keep booting and formatting the drive over and over. The fix is to pull the USB stick on the first reboot. The computer will then boot PE off the C drive and ask for the USB drive when ready. I'm usually quite skilled at reading manuals and figuring things out but I always feel like SCCM has so many little moving parts and I never seem to have a full grasp of it. Thanks!
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