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  1. Hi guys I have in my network some computers which have Microsoft infopath ,Now i want to uninstall infopath from all those computers, any one can help me. Regards,
  2. Hi Anyweb Thanks for your fast response ,I sloved the problem it was because the user which I am using have different schema in CM_S01 and master DB . Thanks too much
  3. Hi I follow all steps for installing SCCM vNext 2012 but i got this error in the end of installation. Setup cannot create the database , and when i checked the sql server I found the database and here is the error in log file 07-12-2011 08:36:04> Creating XML indexes on table CI_ConfigurationItems, column SDMPackageDigest <07-12-2011 08:36:04> Creating XML indexes on table CI_SDMPackageLocalizedData, column LocalizedData <07-12-2011 08:36:11> Imported CLR assembly ServiceBrokerInterface from file ServiceBrokerInterface.dll. <07-12-2011 08:36:12> Imported CLR assembly MessageHandlerService from file MessageHandlerService.dll. <07-12-2011 08:36:13> Imported CLR assembly DcmObjectModel_SQLCLR from file DcmObjectModel_SQLCLR.dll. <07-12-2011 08:36:14> ***SqlError: [42000][33009][Microsoft] [sql Server]The database owner SID recorded in the master database differs from the database owner SID recorded in database 'CM_S01'. You should correct this situation by resetting the owner of database 'CM_S01' using the ALTER AUTHORIZATION statement.<07-12-2011 08:36:14> Error: Could not create assembly CryptoUtility. <07-12-2011 08:36:14> Could not install CLR assemblies.[color=#FF0000][/color]
  4. i removed SQL 2008 and when am trying to install disappears after installing the support files ??? any help i don't wnat to reinstall the windows because it have windows clustering . nneed help please
  5. Hi guys I want a policy to prevent windows xp to communicate with domain controller (windows server 2008 ) and when user try to open his xp machine recive a message windows xp not supported . Regrds ,
  6. i am running DHCP windows server 2008
  7. i want to deploy Windows seven but seem i have problem with DHCP and wds can anybody help me this is the error " Network Discovery failed to connect to a DHCP server due to a connection error. (Network Discovery can communicate only with Microsoft DHCP servers; if you do not use these servers, you can ignore this error.) Solution: If you are using Microsoft DHCP servers, then refer to the specific error string for details. This error message means that fewer clients and networks will be found than otherwise. Note that this message will not be generated again during this Network Discovery session, regardless of how often the error occurs." Regards ,
  8. Thank you man, can you please mention the versions of SCCM because i am confused . Thanks
  9. hi all i want to upgarde my sccm to r3 , but i am trying to install it i got this and here is my version of sccm anyone can help me , i want to know the list of upgrading version . thanks
  10. i have various brands of PC , when i deploy os to Dell Pc's it work good , but when i deploy to Siemens Pc's i receive this error PXE-boot aborted. Booting to next device. PXE-M0F: Exiting BootManage PXE ROM. and i tried the solution on this link but obsolete in my case is null
  11. shamos

    Help me anyweb

    thanks for all ppl , i reinstall sccm and every thing now ok
  12. hi all i have a problem with deploy os , the problem is when i strat deploy os the GUID change the pc recive Sccm and conect to it then it restart the pc. i red before i have to go through collection and add query system resource , name i did but the active status doesn't change to yes it is null . thanks
  13. shamos

    Help me anyweb

    the logs says distrbuition point can't communicate
  14. shamos

    Help me anyweb

    is there relation with Pxe filter ? i talk about this vbs. another this when am trying to update distrbuition point for boot image (x86) i got this error Error: Boot image to update: Microsoft Windows Vista PE (X86) Error: Actions to perform: Add ConfigMgr binaries Enable Windows PE command line support Add drivers Error: Failed to import the following drivers: Error: The wizard detected the following problems when updating the boot image. The ConfigMgr Provider reported an error.: ConfigMgr Error Object: instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus { Description = "Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file"; ErrorCode = 2152205056; File = "e:\\nts_sms_fre\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\sspbootimagepackage.cpp"; Line = 3824; ObjectInfo = "CSspBootImagePackage::PreRefreshPkgSrcHook"; Operation = "ExecMethod"; ParameterInfo = "SMS_BootImagePackage.PackageID=\"C0100001\""; ProviderName = "WinMgmt"; StatusCode = 2147749889; };
  15. shamos

    Help me anyweb

    i logging on to that server with network administrator and this account has local administrative permissions , before that the server work very good i use it remotly , i distrbiute software and make and run report .
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