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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. If I put the language packs in the folder as the example gives c:\languages\ja-JP\lp.cab does Windows know to look in that folder when choosing another language when going through the task scheduler?
  2. Can I copy multiple Language Packs to a wim file that we use for deployment so we can deploy in several different languages. I know there are other ways but want to make it as easy as possible and just copy the cab files to the image.
  3. Hi a couple of questions if someone can help please. I have an app and two patches. Can I install the app and the patches in sequence via the SCCM Application Catalogue and if so how. Or alternatively is there a way to rollup the patches into the main application and then deploy? I have Jabber Video and want to populate the server in the install so the user doesn't have to input this manually. Is there a way to do this and how? Again this is for use via the application catalogue and not the task sequence. Sorry really new to packaging applications and so far it's been straight forward so hoping someone with experience can help or point me to some good resources on the subject. Any help much appreciated Michael
  4. Cheers all for the replies, it's really appreciated. A lot to go off. I am going to look into integrating MDT into the task sequence.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I thought that would be the case that I had to use MDT as well to do some of the trickier parts. I will have a look into your suggestion. Thanks.
  6. Sorry it's 2012 SP1 version 5.0.7804.1300. We do have MDT integrated but am trying to stick to not using it if at all possible but am not sure if that will work as I am right in thinking that MDT adds a lot of functionality on top of the integrated SCCM Task Sequence?
  7. Hi I am deploying a Windows 7 x64 image and am starting from scratch. I want a way to read the asset tag in the BIOS and use that as the PC name. Also I want to be able to append FGD- or FGL- to the asset tag depending on if it's a Desktop or Laptop. What is the best way of doing this in the task sequence. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Hi I'm new to SCCM so go easy as my brain is fried. The long story short is I've been dumped with SCCM and creating a x64 Windows 7 image and have created the image, boot image and uploaded the drivers. The BIG issue I'm having is working out the Task Sequences. This bit is frying my brain. To deploy the image do I create a Task Sequence or a MDT Task Sequence. I am really struggling to understand the differences. I am wanting to do a Lite Touch or User Deployment Install (again I did think these were the same thing but obviously not). The image also has to be able to join different domains. Any help much appreciated.
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