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  1. Windows 2016 Config Manager 1706. With the newest MDT and ADK installed. SQL 2016 on the same server as the CM and DP. I am seeing the same thing, trying to boot Dell Lattitude E5540 into UEFI. First it will not PXE boot into UEFI directly. If we boot first into Legacy boot(Bios) then restart once it starts to load the WINPE we can go into the boot menu and choose UEFI on NIC IPv4 and it will find the NBP file and boot fine. Tried upgrading the Bios on the Laptop. These are know computers that I put in a special Device Collection and Deployed the Task Sequence to them. I get the exact same behavior as takinder1 above. I have not tried to delete the machines from CM and AD yet because I shouldn't have to. Any thoughts out there?
  2. At the end of my day yesterday I looked at my test machines and noticed they had been update to 10.0.14393 (1607) So I looked at the applied updates and saw the Feature Updates. So that is what is happening. Thank you for your time. Kevin
  3. There was an update that popped into my servers today, I was hopeful they might get the updates after applying it, but No Joy. I do get a bit more info in the Logs but I can't figure anything out from them. I get this error now on My WSUS Server SoftwareDistribution.log 2016-10-27 21:04:00.105 UTC Warning w3wp.52 SoapUtilities.CreateException ThrowException: actor = https://MYDOMAINNAME.org:8531/ClientWebService/client.asmx, ID=48475721-3525-4f00-95c1-2334543c9119, ErrorCode=ConfigChanged, Message=, Client=0f61c3b4-8b13-4841-b091-42b70340ec22 Where is the best Microsoft forum to post this at? Thanks for your attention.
  4. I removed the software update service from the Config manager and removed WSUS from my server #2. I removed the database from the SQL server and reinstalled all using the Windows-Noob directions. at first only chose windows 7 and security for the first sync. Left over night and then re synced with Upgrades All Windows 10 except language pacs chosen.. I recieve the 1511 upgrades but only feature packs for 1607. In Log screen shot I am just showing that 1511 is there. If I look farther down there are not any 1607 upgrades. Am I missing something?
  5. Yes everything else I can think to look for seems to be there. I have enabled all categories and limited products to just a few including all Win10-Server 16- SQL2016 updates. I have waited a couple of days and ran several syncs. Just missing the Upgrade to 1607.. The upgrade to 1511 is showing up.. I ran into the problem mentioned in the above KB's in a testing environment using 2012R2 and this looks/feels the same but all of the information in the "C:\Program Files\Update Services\WebServices\ClientWebService\Web.config" Per the KB-3159706 is correct. I am removing WSUS and the SQL database and going to try a reinstall. And not have any Win 10 products in the initial sync. I also would have thought that with Server2016 the initial products would be more up to date.
  6. I needed to install a new SCCM infrastructure and sense it is Education licensing I can choose between 2012/2016. I have two 2016 servers Config Manager 1606 and SQL 2016 on one server, and WSUS on 2nd using SQL from first server. Everything is working peachy except getting the 1607 Upgrade. It seems like the same issue that is documented going from 1511 to 1607 on 2012, except you can not install the fixes for those on the 2016 server, and the manual steps for KB3165706 are already applied in 2016. Even get the Windows 10 Servicing Prerequisite when setting update classifications. KB3095113&KB3165706 Anyone else tried this? Any idea what logs to look at? Thanks in Advance.
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