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  1. Hi All is there any way that i can prompt for OSDComputer Name During TS or MDT, so i can choose from different prefix name+end user input? my organization have different offices in different locations, i need to let the technicians who deploy the OS to choose computer name based on Pre created Prefix+input of 6 numbers. at the end they should be look like that: TAEN_+6 custom numbers NTEN_+6 custom numbers JEAY_+6 custom numbers and on and on please help me if u can i am trying to find a solution for a long time. thank You all
  2. Dear All. In my organization the Manager Asked me to provide a solution for ComputerName in OSD. i know all the regular input scripts and collection variables. what I need is to create a script or what ever that the tech support guy will be able to choose the computer name from determine drop down list and also add 6 numbers if input and that all will insert as ComputerName during TS. it should be looking like this: a combobox the contain few values like "AAbb" "CCDD" and on and on and also a textbox that 6 numbers could be written to at the end i need to get a situation where during TS Window is Prompt ask me to choose from list value that cannot be changed and give me the option to add 6 numbers and the mix of them both will create the computername something should look like "AABB123456"=OSDComputerName Please Help if you can Best Regards, Barak Afriat
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