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  1. Here you go. Should there not be some registry key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\SMP\ for the SMP somewhere? I've scanned every directory under there and don't see any key that looks like it's for the SMP. Maybe this is my problem? I've also removed the SMP, deleted the SMP certificate from the Certificate snap-in, then reinstalled the SMP and let the cert get regenerated and no luck with that either. capture.xml
  2. Any ideas? I'm at a loss :/
  3. Nope. Still gettin the same errors. Oh, I also verified that neither the server or the client has KB 974571 on it. Although the server did at one time.
  4. What permissions should it have? I have Authenticaed Users with a Speical permission of Read Attributes. Local Service, Administrators and System have Full control.
  5. I continue on getting the following error when trying to request a state store in a capture task sequence. The error that I am seeing on the SCCM when running the task sequence from the computer. SMS State Migration Point failed to read the SignedSerializedSMPKey from the registry on computer SCCM. Possible reasons are SMP certificate is not yet signed by Site Server. Additionally the SMSTS.log from the client has the following Received 1298 byte response. OSDSMPClient 4/7/2010 3:47:07 PM 1256 (0x04E8) SMP request to "SCCM" failed with error: E_SMPERROR_ENCRYPTKEY_EMPTY (
  6. I don't seem to have any smsts log files, or any of the directories that are mentioned to check regarding Win PE. Not sure how to enable or get it to start writing logs again. This is SCCM R2 SP2 on Server 2008 x64 SP2 and the db is on a SQL 2005 x64 machine.
  7. I am having some issues getting a Build and Capture to work. The VM boots fine into PXE the first time, but always fails with a No MP Certificates error. I have looked for some information regarind this, but nothing i've found has been able to solve this issue. SCCM 2007 SP1 R2 in Mixed mode on Server 2008 x64.
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