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  1. I got it to work now! After I added some new drivers to the MDT Boot Image, I could'n redistribute it. So I decided to create a new Boot Image. At the new Boot Image I've now PowerShell support and my WPF does appear at least.
  2. I've now tested it with the default Boot Image x64. After integrating the required PowerShell components and redistributing the image, I've PowerShell support at my task sequence. Now I get an error 0x80070002, cause the PowerShell package could not be found. At the disk there is an empty package Folder. Any further idea, how to get the PowerShell run at the MDT Boot Image?
  3. At my task sequence I've the items Show below. Cause I'd like to see if the Powershell task sequence step were executed, I've a simple task sequence of only this one step created.
  4. Yes, I've. For sure I've attached the screenshots of the properties Windows. Edit: I've readded the two optional components. If I add the WinPE-PowerShell component, I get a message that the component Microsoft.NET (WinPE-NetFx4) is required, but I don't have this component for selection. In some articles I've read that this components included in the Microsoft.NET (WinPE-NetFx) component.
  5. Update: Looks like PowerShell ist missing on the X:-Volume. I've only an empty folder X:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0. I updated the WIM again. Nothing happens! Good evening! I'm using SCCM Current Branch with MDT 2013 Update 2. I want to create a universal OS deployment task sequence with an WPF GUI. I've done the following steps: - Creating a simple WPF with Visual Basic 2015 - Implemented the XAML-Code into a PowerShell script (Show-OSConfigurator.ps1). The PowerShell script standalone starts without any errors. - Implemented an redistributed my MDT Boot Image (only x64 in use) with the necessary optional components (NetFx, PowerShell) - Creating a package (Show OS-Configurator) with the source files, without a program, and distributed it - For testing I've created a new task sequence with only one step "Run PowerShell Script". I've referenced to the package (Show OS-Configurator) and have putted in the script Name (Show-OSConfigurator.ps1). The ExecutionPolicy is set to "ByPass". - The task sequence is deployed to the "Unknown Devices" collection If I run the task sequence I get an error 0x80004005. I've tried serveral thinks from the web (HTA, VBS...) Nothing works! Does somebody have a solution? Greets Flip
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