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  1. Hi Everyone I am exploring the possibilities to deploy third party updates like Adobe from my SCCM 1806 infrastructure, Please give me some information on this, I require step by step process to configure Adobe updates deployment from SCCM 1806. Thanks
  2. Hello There. I have been trying to learn SCCM 2012 Administration and now I have setup a complete virtual Lab. I have set the boundary, boundary groups, and all discovery methods are working fine and i can see my Windows 7 client machines are appearing in "All Systems" collection. I am trying different methods of SCCM client installation on my Windows 7 clients. I did not create\modify client yet just deploying default sccm client. 1. When I tried to configure my site to automatically push the clients, its working. 2. When I am trying to disable the automatic client push from the site as in point 1, and try to go to all system collection, select my Windows 7 client->right click->Install Client. it does not work properly and my client does not install at all. In point 2, I have observed on client machine task manager I can see ccmsetup*32.exe and ccmsetup service is running but client never gets installed. Attached are the ccm.log (from my SCCM 2012 Primary site) and ccmsetup.log from my client. If you could help me to understand what went wrong or possibly could guide me how to resolve, that would be very helpful for me to learn. ccm.log ccmsetup.log
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