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  1. My users are getting two notifications whenever an Service Request is assigned to them. One is from the Cireson Notify management pack, which is the one I prefer to use. The other, I'm having trouble figuring out where it's coming from. I know what template it is using, but I can't find any configuration that specifies to use it. I've reviewed all configurations in Administration>Workflows>Configuration as well as subscriptions and can't find anything that calls the template. Is there something out of the box, that's configured by default? And if so, is there a way to turn it off?
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    I've downloaded a couple of their free apps, didn't know they did training. I'll see what they have to offer. Thanks!
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    Is there a general consensus for recommended training providers? Your own suggestions? I've been doing a lot of self study. I've got SCSM Cookbook, Orchestrator Cookbook, SCSM Unleashed and Orchestrator Unleashed for starters. Watched a lot of YouTube, read a bunch of blogs, etc. Some MS Virtual Academy. Had very good training on SCCM with GlobalKnowledge but it doesn't appear that the SCSM training that they have is suitable for me. I think all they offered was training on installation. We are almost a year into our implementation, so I'm ready for some training!
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    Hello everybody! I work for a K-12 school district and we just deployed System Center about a year and a half ago. I have a background in Novell, however, we converted to Microsoft at the same time we stood up System Center. All this done in approximately six months with no project planning to speak of! So, I (for one) am still playing catch up. My role is now Service Manager Administrator, mostly. Someone else installed it, and now I'm running it. At least, I like to think I am! Anyhow, so far so good. At this point we have only rolled out Service Requests. Next month we will pilot Incident Response at one school. We had some training on SCCM, but two (out of three, number three being me) of my co-workers ended up as the primary engineers in that area. I ended up with SCSM and no training other than about 20 hours sitting in the room with the Microsoft engineer who was setting us up, feeding me information he deemed important and me asking dumb questions of ignorance! So, flying by the seat of our pants, we have not accumulated significant road rash! At his point, I am getting mugged by people who want reports! Data! Metrics! I don't find MS's reporting tools very intuitive in SCSM and I have not much of an idea about what I'm doing. I have created a couple of dashboards, that's given me a little experience and exposure to the tool, but doesn't quite cut the mustard. Any help is appreciated! I'm also interested to find out how other school systems are implementing SCSM. Thanks, Charlie
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