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  1. To keep this brief I've had to take over our SOE 2008 work as the senior engineer has been ill for a couple of months. I've successful deployed to VMware guests and I'm now starting to test the deployment on our physical equipment (Dell R710). The boot.wim is being applied and the TS is successfully processing up till the State Restore function at this point in time the Gather tasks fails. The apply updates has been disabled (I've re-enabled it this morning) if I set the gather task to continue on error I then fail on the subsequent Tattoo task. (this occurs on both x86 and 64bit builds) This problem does not occur with the virtual server builds, it feels like drivers as this is really the only difference between a virtual platform and physical but I figured I'd ask the question here and see if this has occurred to anyone else before and how they overcame the issue. I guess my real question is what do these tasks do as I can't honestly say I know at this point in time. If I look at the ztitatoo.wsf it looks to just edit registry and appling a mof file while the gather task well doesn’t have a rule to run by default. cheers
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