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  1. I ended up finding the bottleneck at my remote sites. Our Network Engineer implemented QoS on the routers for SCCM distribution of content and did not account for Client to DP traffic that was being routed through the router to switch VLAN's. A simple change on the Trunk port on the switch was needed to allow traffic to flow from Client to DP. Thanks for the help GarthMJ. Had suspected it was not related to SCCM.
  2. BITS on the server as a Service is running, BITS within the Default SCCM Client settings is set to "No" on LImit the maximum network bandwidth for BITS background transfers. I encounter this with in WinPE and this should be prior to the client being installed.
  3. Client BITS settings are not enabled in the environment, I am on the Desktop administration team and only have the knowledge that Trend Micro is our server AV solution and will mention this as a point to inspect to our System Engineer. I know in presenting this issue to our Network Engineer while we were both on site he was able to verify that from a switch level he expected full utilization of the bandwidth and was reporting 8-10% on the port. He suggested lowering the VMXNET3 NIC bandwidth setting down to 1GB as this is what is available and not the 10GB's its is set for. Said this may cause a issue at the software/OS level when negotiating the link.
  4. Hello, I have recently encountered extremely slow download of the Image.wim files while in PXE environment. I have verified that IIS is not being limited and in monitoring the switch port the server is connected to I have getting on between 8-10% utilization of the 1GB port and the Server Resource monitoring is showing a max network at 100Mbps. The Image.wim file is 8.2GB and is taking roughly 6-7 hours to download. This is not a question about TFTP transfer of the Boot.wim and have in placed the Reg change to increase the block size. I have verified IIS default site has no limit on transfer. Client BITS settings are not enabled on Default Client settings. Current Environment of Distribution Point Virtual Server running on ESXi 6.0 Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard OS SCCM 1606 Distribution Point Role 8.0 GB RAM Virtual Server running on ESXi 6.0 VMXNET3 Ethernet Adapter: Speed 10.Gbps, Driver version: VMware tools version I have attached an SMSTS,log which verifies the proper Distribution Point is being contacted for the content. This log shows the Image.WIM download starting at 10:22 AM and the Apply Operating System not starting until 5:05PM. This may be a VMware/Server issue, but wanted to verify this could not be related to SCCM prior to sending this issue up the ladder. If anything other information is needed please let me know, I have been searching the internet and I am leaning towards the VMXNET3 adapter and VM tools upgrade. Thanks for any help. smsts DP.log
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