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  1. after a while of looking through things and troubleshooting... decided to try something stupid or n00bish.. hah.. so in lab environments I just stop the windows firewall service. Not needed ... well it seems that when I started the Windows Firewall Service and went into the Firewall piece in Control Panel, then just unchecking domain, public, private all started working. I have NEVER had to uncheck those when stopping the service. This was a first for me!!!!!
  2. hah interesting question. I thought SCCM used WSUS... if not then I better get back to reading. I dont know the first thing about SCCM. I am a current user of a piece of software that maybe a bad word around here... HAH (Altiris). In our environment we use that but the desktop world uses SCCM and we have contemplated going to it. Thus I figured let me get my head wrapped around it and see what it looks like. so to be clear WSUS can be used stand alone and if one was going to setup a SCCM Environment then WSUS is NOT the choice at that point? guess ill read up some but still today no updates downloaded to the virtual lab so I am trying to see what I dont have correct as I can get to the web and can get the sync to work. This is a self contained environment on a private network but does have a second (virtual) nic where it gets to the outside world and the proxy is working as seen getting to the web.
  3. new to SCCM and starting with WSUS... so I dont know about this stuff... Ok so I created a test lab on a HP Z220. I have a 2k16 running AD/DNS/DHCP another running WSUS I have a win10 box that is joined to the domain. all functions work great. I created an AD object and placed machine in it I created a GPO following steps on a site to setup machines to point to wsus server gpresult /r shows policy is applied to the machine. WSUS says machine needs 29 patches but clicking on each of them it says they are superseded.... I clicked Approved anyway none are downloading win10 box says it is up to date. so where can i go to see this stuff to see where the hold up is?
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