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  1. Recently, I've started to see all my windows 10 images have issues. My task sequence is very simple, and it seems to lay the image down just fine, apply drivers, etc. but after it does the setup windows and configmgr, the screen begins to flash and then stays at that point. Initially I thought this was driver issue as I had just loaded drivers for a DELL Latitude E7270, but then I tried with another machine, and it happens on that as well. So hardware platform doesn't matter. I also thought maybe it was the OS, as I had recently done updates to the OS package via SCCM. So I started fresh with a new OS, same result. I've since removed several driver packages that I had added over the last few weeks to see if maybe it was indeed a driver problem. Still same result. At this point, i'm at a loss, I can't figure out how to get my Win10 images to get past this problem. Thanks in Advance, David
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