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  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to dynamically specify the DNS servers in my task sequence. Currently what I am doing is i have variables that detect the DefaultGateway001 and if it matches, it run a step to apply the two dns servers to OSDAdapter0DNSServerList Varable. I do not receive any errors when the TS is running, but when the machine is running the OOBE Sysprep, im getting an error during domain Join. I am assuming Name resolution is not working. Has anyone had been able to successfully apply dns setting to a client based on location?
  2. Good evening I am using SCCM to leverage imaging. I have been asked to do the following Lay down a new image rename the computer in the pxe menu (using OSDCOMPUTERNAME Variable) for prompt Join domain (using Task Sequence) Allow end user to specify static IP address, gateway (prompt) I would perferable like to have all prompts in the beginning of the wizard. I tried a few things and i've come up with nothing. Anyone that can help would help me immensely I have tried to set the OSDHCP variable to false and similarly to osdcom
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