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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've not created an image for the newer Windows 10 releases yet to test. Is this just to rule it out or have you seen issues with older versions of Windows and Surface Pro 7?
  2. Hi all, Has anyone had any success imaging Surface Pro 7 devices with SCCM? I've imaged Surface Pro 3 & 4 in the past but I'm having a strange issue with the Pro 7's ☹️ As I understand it, Surface Pro X's can't be imaged using SCCM, I'm beginning to wonder if this Surface Pro 7's are the same.... We're running Config Manager 2006 (Hotfix Rollup KB4578605) and trying to image with Windows 10 1909. I've extracted the Surface Pro 7 drivers MSI and created a standard driver package. It's PXE boots just fine using the Microsoft Surface Pro Ethernet Adapter and the TS progresses and ju
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