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  1. Hi, I'm struggling to find a definative answer to a question. Is it possible to rebuild a machine via an OSD task sequence within SCCM 2012 R2? Is SCCM working correctly in that if I have previously built a machine via a task sequence, then try to rebuild that machine it does not see that same task sequence and therefore will not be able to be rebuilt? I have a sequence deployed to all unknown computers. The 1st time it builds fine, if I then try to rebuild, it will not see the task sequence. I am assuming as it's no longer an unknown computer. Part of the sequence places the computer in a specified OU, it seems that sometimes it will see the sequence, sometimes it will not. I am using a usb build key with not pxe boot server. Is it expected behaviour that you should delete the computer from SCCM and then rebuild, is there a work around to allow support staff who don't have access to SCCM to rebuild machines? Any help appreciated.
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