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  1. Hi, if you use a .cmd, it runs on various Java Errors during the Installation. When you are doing it locally by yourself, no Errors occur. IBM has no Manual for a automatic deployment, as i mentioned already in my first Post. They want to Install it for Users, by themselves from a Networkshare.... Cheers Marcus
  2. Hi Guys, first at all, thanks to all the Articles and Manuals i found here over the Years i am working with SCCM. Now, i try to deploy the Software "IBM i Access Client Solutions". The Difficulty i am facing here is, the Software has no .exe or .msi File in this new Release anymore. Installation get start with .js Files (who ever thought this will be a good thing in IBM) Does anyone here in this Forum has experiences with this Software? Or any glue how to deploy Software like this or can just say it is not possible at all!? I tried so far to install it with a .cmd, but it doesnt worked. The IBM Website dont offer any Manual also. Cause it is not a wide spread Software at all, i dont found any specific Help in the net as well. I am open for any Suggestions and Help Thanks and Regards Marcus
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