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  1. Basically what you're saying is keep-it-simple. Thank you for taking the time in answering my questions.
  2. Ok perfect. What's the difference between a Secondary site and a Distribution point? Why go with one and not the other? We currently have a WSUS server deployed at each site. Does the CM Primary Site support more than one WSUS server? if not what are your recommendations?
  3. GarthMJ, thank you for getting back to me. 3. So many other applications are utilizing the 100Mb pipe between the two sites. I'm sure we're going to need a Secondary site or a DS... or What's the difference between a secondary site, distribution site, child site, management point, software update point? 4. If we configure the SU, OSD, Inventory, reporting features (keeping in mind we have 1500 servers/clients) do you still think the CM primary database should be hosted on the same server? Is this the only database to consider? For our needs are there any other CM related databases, is it only one database for all of CM? Just to be sure I have this right, with the SU, OSD, Inventory, and reporting features what are my dependencies from an infrastructure stand point? DC (with ADDS, DNS, DHCP), WSUS, Firewall rules, obviously Networking,.. am I missing any thing else? what about GPOs? Load balancers?
  4. Hello Windows-noob, I've been tasked to build, configure, and implement SCCM in our environment. I've been watching (and reading) LOTS of tutorials on SCCM installation and dependencies. However, I can't find much resources on the different design/architectures for SCCM. I hear Windows-noob is the go-to place for SCCM. So here goes.. Here's an overview of our organization: Our organization is 300 Employees large and we have two data centers (different geographical location), with a 100MB connection that links both data centers. Location 1: Head Quarters, houses Data center Apha, 411 windows/linux servers (2DCs, 1WSUS) and Employees (275 laptops, unknown # of cellphones) Location 2: Data center Beta, 667 windows/linux servers (2DCs, 1WSUS) Here're my questions: What flavors of SCCM 2016 does MS offer? How's pricing calculated for each flavor? (I've visited the MS page, editions and pricing are not 100% clear to me) SCCM seems to come with lots of configurable features, what are most commonly used by most organization? (updates, os deployments,..etc) Based on the information provided above, what SCCM topology works best? Stand-alone Primary Site (Location A) with a Secondary site (Location B) or CAS with two Primary Sites? What route should we go for SCCM database (primary site & secondary site)? embedded (same server) vs shared (shared sql server) vs dedicated (it's own SQL server)? What type of impact from a networking stand point should we expect after SCCM has been successfully implemented? I really appreciate your input (including criticism) on any of the above.
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