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  1. Thanks, but there aren't any retired apps in the supercedence - one of them only goes one version back, it just happens for every non msi based application I try putting into a task sequence (if it has any supercedence).
  2. Yeah that is/was checked. Turns out that it was a problem with trying to use a script based application that has supercedence in an OSD task sequence. I can use any msi with supercedence with no problems, but I've tested multiple script based applications and they all fail. Remove the supercedence and they work fine. Not sure if this is a bug in SCCM or if that is known behavior and I'm supposed to work around it somehow (thinking of either duplicating superceded script based applications for OSD, or maybe duplicating them as packages instead of applications for OSD - either way is a pain though).
  3. I'm attempting to install the vmWare Horizon View client during OSD for setting up a Windows based thin client; however, I can't seem to get it working and I'm not sure what else to do to attempt to troubleshoot it. I've tried double checking that the network access account is set in software distribution configuration and that the account has the appropriate permissions on the network location where the files are located, and I can successfully install the program with a deployment using Software Center/Application Management and a required (or available) deployment - it is only failing when trying to install it with the Install Application step in a task sequence. I've also tried wrapping the install exe in a powershell script, with the first line being to write 'begin install' to a log. This log never gets written so I don't think it is even getting to point where it is really attempting to install anything. I get the same messages in the smsts.log whether I'm attempting the command line/exe install or via the powershell script that runs the exe. This is what I'm seeing in the error log (smsts.log) Note: the referenced DMCAgent.log doesn't appear to have any useful information in it: Thanks for any insight on what I should be doing next to get this working!
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