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  1. The always on is not enabled and the sql cluster is not setup as an always on availability group but a simple sql failover cluster. Please correct me if I did not understand you correctly.
  2. I am trying to update my configuration manager server currently at 1610 to 1706 (tried 1702) with same results. My lab setup is as follows: Domain Controller Server GC01 (Server 2016) Configuration Manager Server SC01 (Server 2016) SQL Failover cluster named SQL01 with two nodes (SQL01A and SQL01B) (Both servers are Server 2016 running SQL 2016 SP1) Configuration manager database is installed on default SQL instance. I installed RTM version of configuration manager server last year and updated it over time to 1610 without issues but when I try to run pre-requisite for 1702 or 1706 it fails with “Unsupported site server operating system version for Setup” In the ConfigMgrPrereq.log file I see the following error messages: <08-05-2017 12:04:16> INFO: Prerequisite rule 'Unsupported site server operating system version for Setup' will run for easysetup upgrade. <08-05-2017 12:04:16> INFO: OS version:0, ServicePack:0. <08-05-2017 12:04:16> SQL01; Unsupported site server operating system version for Setup; Error; Configuration Manager site systems can only be installed on systems running Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later. I have made sure that configuration manager server and account are part of administrator group on SQL servers. I also get the following error message for “SMS_SITE_CONFIGURATION_MANAGER” under component status. Error 578 Could not read registry key "SQL01" on computer . The operating system reported error 53: The network path was not found. My understanding was that configuration manager can be installed on SQL failover cluster and it has been working fine until now. I also ran cluster health check and it was healthy. I have also disabled firewall on all servers to rule out it out as a cause. I would really appreciate any assistance I can get. Please let me know what log files will you need to diagnose the problem. Thank you. ConfigMgrPrereq.log
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