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  1. Not to worry, the account being used did not have the correct delegated access in ad to modify computer objects in their locations. It did have delegated permission on the OU we build unknown devices to. Mark
  2. Good morning, Long time reader, first time poster. I have an issue with SCCM and clients already added to ADUC. If i build a computer with a name not already in ADUC the task sequence executes correctlt and the machine joins the domain for example KS-Win10-V5. If i use the exact same task sequence and attempt to build a machine already in ADUC (for example ks-wk-adm-01) it executes the task sequence but fails to join the domain... I have added the netbootguid to the machine in ADUC and updated the System discovery in SCCM and this has made no difference. Does anyone have any idea what i could try? I've got a site with 500 devices to rebuild next week. Thank you in advance. If you need any more info let me know. Mark
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