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  1. Alright..... I'm not alone thanks for reply. I'm glad I wrote here.... That's exactly what I'm talk about no enough information from MS.... Yep, have issue with modern windows (ws16, w10). After read article TrialandError (thank you for that!) I get the point..... So next step is: did anyone try to use latest CB feature: Express files for modern system? I did try in 1702 but it was so slowly.... they fix that in new 1706: Improvement for Express Update support – Express file download time has been significantly improved. About remediation/workaround I will try it and post here. Looks very promising.
  2. Hey, Thank you gus-bus! I did everything except "Maximum Worker Processes from 1 to 0 (not the NUMA info)." That is works absolutely fantastic! I've never seen wsus (+sccm) works that fast. Today I notice that one client again hang wsus app pool. I try to play with Max work process settings: put 1 and recycle. And again a lot of client hang wsus. I can see that almost immediately. I also try to put different values to that setting - no luck. Best for now is leave 0. I'm absolutely sure that Microsoft should write detailed manual about that cause out of the box it doesnt work. At least in windows 2016 + sccm CB configuration. Maybe you found the way how to completely resolve that issue?
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