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  1. it doesn't work for me My Setup 2 Servers and a client 1. SCCM Server 2. Domain Controller Running DNS and DHCP 3. Client in same Subnet What Works: If I Boot from the SCCM PXE BOOT CD it connects to the SCCM Distribution Point and Installs OS What doesn't work is PXE boot - The client gets an IP and th ip of the dhcp server bu then errors out pxe-e55 proxy dhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011 How I have configured 1. Installed WDS - did not configure it - Checked WDS Log and it was successful 2. Installed PXE Service Point - verified pxesetup.log - it was successful 3. Once the WDS Server automatically started and created the Remote Install Folder I put both 32 and 64 boot images to both the normal distribution point and the pxe distribution point - verified whether it was distributed properly through the logs (distmgr.log) and sccm admin console 4. SMSBoot folder inside remote install folder has all the necessary boot files and the packages are also in Remote Install Folder 5. DHCP Scope options added 066 Boot Server Host Name - DNS name of PXE server 067 Bootfile Name - smsboot\x86\wdsnbp.com Please note: ive added the mac address of the new client to a collection and also advertising the task sequence to that collection I've verified site events and nothing seem to indicate any problem. but the client is not receiving the pxe advertisement if the logs are needed can mail them pls help.
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