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  1. its ok, thanks for the communication.. the progress goes on and after tries and tries, finally i ended up on tftpd32. i think its the best solution and the simpliest. well my config now is tftpd32 + pxelinux. everything works ok, i can boot my .ima files, but i can't chainload the .isos
  2. i was about to make a pxe-boot multi diagnostic tool for my work's service departement. i got this ready in usb stick but i want to make it easier for my co-workers with pxe net boot my loader is GRUB4DOS. I started the try with ghost and thats why i opened this topic. Any ideas for how to do this would be cool. let me know. By the way i managed to get it work with 3com pxe server and 3com ftpd in combination with dhcp/dns and active directory of 2003.
  3. i finally managed to make my RIS work with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 the only problem is that, boot starts ok. It says Booting ghost boot image Downloading image but then i get PXE-E89: Could not download boot image. i havent realized yet where i must put the .gho file in order for the PXE to load it. i followed this instructions to make it work http://www.edugeek.net/forums/general-chat/7910-pxe-ghost-2.html Do you have any experience in ghost & ris ? please help, im on fire:(
  4. Hello. I was wondering what i will need in order to restore a ghost image file to many computers via network the same time. I found that a Windows Server 2003 with RIS, active directory, DHCP and DNS would be fine, after searching in order to make the pcs available to boot from LAN throught Windows Server 2003 machine. But after that, i need to do the procedure with Ghost Boot wizard. Has anyone done this before in order to help me please? Thanks in advance
  5. Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them

  6. Hello to everyone.. I recently read an article explaining that r2 2008 server can support .vhd in WDS. Wondering if is this possible, i thought that i would take a responsible aspect from here. So, is there any possibility that i can boot over pxe an .vhd image? And if no, is there any way to convert the .vhd to .wim ? Searching everything gave me results of a way to convert from .wim to .vhd only. Thanks in advance!
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