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  1. We've been deploying server 2k16 in our environment (as vmware virtual machines) for a couple of months and a problem we ran into rather early is that windows updates wouldn't apply. They would download, and say they installed, but every reboot it would state updates failed to install and have to revert. At this time we've only found one thing that works in a mess of fixes. That is load up the installation media and essentially reinstall windows over top of itself to clear things up. What we've tried before hand are all the standard ones, restart wsus service restart all wsus related services, renaming the SoftwareDistrubution folder and catroot2 folder, running the windows update repair untility running sfc /scannow, running dsim repairs and none seem to have took. Has anyone else run into this like this before and did you happen to find any other fixes for it? We found out what we did wrong. It appears that we turned off the App Readiness service at some point and this service must be running for windows updates to properly apply on server 2016.
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