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  1. thanks but its not possible. I need my direct access clients to receive software package deployments via primary site DP but MS security updates via Microsoft. Therefore i need to configure the boundary to primary site server DP/MP
  2. how direct access users can download updates from microsoft instead of MP? when you deploy the software update group, it downloads the updates to the MP. Therefor "If software updates are not available on preferred distribution point or remote distribution point, download content from Microsoft Updates" will always be available and will never download from Microsoft Updates. Correct?
  3. yep i understand. So if i have additional server in our remote location with primary site MP role installed, i assume clients in secondary site can register from this MP? as this will also be our primary site MP our primary site server is in Australia and secondary in Malaysia. So we will have one primary site server MP in Australia, one primary site MP in Malaysia and secondary site in Malaysia. Primary site MP in Malaysia will only be used for secondary site client registration. does this design look OK to you?
  4. Hi guys, we are really stuck and need solution. our clients in secondary site can not communicate with primary site server MP or any MP on primary site Only secondary site server is allowed to communicate with primary site server via all necessary ports is there any solution that clients from secondary site can register from secondary site proxy MP? or any other work around?
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