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  1. Hello, Our SCCM environment is experiencing several computers showing a status of "Installing" or "Downloading" when attempting to install applications from Software Center. Some computers tend to stay this way indefinitely. As far as I can tell this happens with newly imaged computers. Other computers which have been active for a longer time don't show this behavior. To attempt fix the issue I updated the SCCM current branch to 2006 in hopes of installing some hotfix. However, the issue persists. I do not have a complex environment. One DP and about 4,500+ computers. I've done some resea
  2. Hello, I created several deployment collections for upgrading Windows 10 computers from version 1607 to 1803. I configured the deployment date/times and expiration date/times and was very meticulous with my settings. I check and recheck each deployment date and time. LSS, someone in my organization either deliberately or accidentally changed the deployment and expiration date/times. Is there a log file you can reference to determine who messed with these settings? This was a task sequence deployment. I'm using SCCM Current Branch version 1810. Thanks, Tyler
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