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  1. Hello everyone After 4 days fighting with Upgrade task sequence, I don't know what to do anymore As I can't use the custom Windows 10 image with OEM + Theme + Provisionned app removed in Upgrade task sequence I had to repeat the action within the Upgrade TS I used the Provisioning packages for Windows 10 way, generated a PPKG & tried : DISM /Online /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg DISM /Image:%OSDISK%\ /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg DISM.exe /Image=C:\ /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:TOTO.ppkg none working So I tried
  2. Since few days, all my adverstissements stop working SCCM Configuration is simple (1 site, 1 server with all roles) I have collections based on AD groups, the PC is recognised by SCCM & added to the collection, I see it in the report, but the status stays "No Status" for ever If you click on the arrow, you get "No messages have been received" The same collections and same advertisements were working before I did start the "Machine Policy retrieval & evaluation cycle" manualy, but still nothing I can ping my DP and the telnet to port 80 is replying HTTP/1.1 400 Ba
  3. Yes, I did recreate everything from scratch : install a new SCCM Server 2007 R3 on Win2k8R3, create a new database, a new site code, new boundary (1 only based on AD Site, only 1 site on AD) new collections, new packages, new advertissements ... everything new, then reinstall SCCM Client on desktop using push from the new SCCM server.
  4. Hi, I have a (big) issue with SCCM Due to an physical issue with the SCCM Server, I did recreate completly the SCCM infrastructure on my company (1 SCCM Server only, 250 clients) So I did reinstall a new box with 2007 R3, created a new site, new collections, reinstall all CCM clients software, everything was fine We did recently shutdown the old server thinking that everything was working smoothly, but since then I have an issue : all advertissements are staying in "waiting for content" I read a lot of forum to investigate and found some info, but I can't succeed to solve it
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