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  1. I had this too. Took 30 minutes for everything to settle out after install and then distribution point was green. (SCCM 1710)
  2. I have a test machine with Office 365 set to have managed updates through SCCM. The available o365 updates are showing properly in the "Office 365 Update" section of the console. I've read several articles about creating ADRs for O365 updates, but I haven't been able to find anything with respect to adding these updates to an existing traditional software update group. I have a manually created "monthly software update" group and I would like to add the available O365 update to that existing software update group. I believe I *can* do this - but is there a reason there is no documentation out there to do so - is it not a good idea to add O365 updates to an existing traditional Software Update group?
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