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  1. Hi there! im running SCCM 2007 on Win2003 and im currently trying to distribute a registry file that should set the Location in Regional Settings from the default United States to Switzerland. I'd prefer this to be done during an OSDeployment but at this point i welcome any suggestion to how this can be done What i already tried is: to export the GEO registry key and create a "Run Command Line" step in my TS that then runs as follows: regedit.exe /s networkpathtofile (tried adding "Starts In" and "Package") i've tested the string locally on the machine and it works perfectly. I tried running it in "run command line" step as Locale.reg /s <- file in question.. still no luck. Its strange though, that in the log smsts it shows no errors...on the contrary... it logs as successful! In my TS im deploying language packs through the "run command line" and it works fine, and it logs the same entries as with the registry file. (im running them on seperate steps) Im having a hard time finding any information about this. Is there a way to do this through SCCM? or is there any way to modify the initial registry that gets written when installing the OS? (btw im running an XP environment). I thank you for the help this forum already has given me. Ill be sure to give back whenever i can! =)
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