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  1. Hmm, okay. I'll have to check it out on some of the other machines. Just checked it on the one I'm using and it does have the key though was having issues getting the update. AV used to be Avast however, I have since switched to Microsoft Defender.
  2. Hello, So I've been playing around with pushing manual software updates using SUGs. As of now, I have them pushing to two lab environments of around 25 machines each. Also a few test laptops I have in my office. I'm having issues where in the deployment window its showing that a few machines are compliant with the latest updates. If I take a look at the machine version, its still on 1709.16, not 1709.192. Yet the machine is still reporting compliance with the software update deployment. What's even worse, of the 25 machines in each lab. I'd say maybe 18 or so are actually installing
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