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  1. So I have done a little more digging and a little more testing; and haven't resolved the issues above. The two clients mentioned; SCCM-HWL-D1 and SCCM-HWL-L1 are connected to / managed by a Secondary Site, the first in the SCCM deployment. I have a third machine, SCCM-HWL-L2 that I connected to the Primary Site that is the parent of the Secondary Site, and I have no issues with that client - and it is currently using the Secondary Site as its' management point. I can remotely connect to the machine for remote assistance / RDP; but Resource and Hardware Inventory still hasn't refreshed with data yet. Wondering if it is something in the configuration maybe..?
  2. Hello! I am working with a new SCCM deployment; that is running SCCM 1802. I have deployed the SCCM Agent (via GPO) to the following two machines and have the following status: When browsing with the Resource Explorer; all items are not populated. Browsing the CcmNotificationAgent.log on the client machine; I see the following: I've re-installed the client on HWL-D1 and have the same status on both machines. Edit: Some more things that I have noticed as a part of these deployments that might be of interest: Thoughts? -J
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