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  1. Hi, I want to assign PXE TS to some collection and want to always re-run it. I mean that PC should always boot PXE and run TS. Is it possible? Thanks!
  2. No, this method is not good for me. It require drivers and exact printer names. We have 1000+ users and 50+ printers, too much work for helpdesk to explain to each one which printer to connect and which driver to install. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello! I am trying to install driver package with TS to any PC in collection. The only option i set it TS is Apply Driver Pckage. Finally, when the TS is executed on the clients i got this error: The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Apply Driver Package) in the group () with the error code 50 Action output: . The operating system reported error 50: The request is not supported. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I have no idea how to obtain future PC owner username from AD and rename deployed PC according user's familyname but not longer than 15 symbols...
  5. I don't think so. The described method requires somebody near deployed PC to enter new computer name. I need to do it automatically.
  6. Hello! In our organization any user can connect and print on any shared printer. In Windows XP they just doing right click on shared printer and chooses connect from the menu. Our users don’t have any special permission like Power User on their stations, they just Users. In Windows 7 if they do the same they got Access Denied message. I did some tests and I figured out that the message appears only when they trying to install printer driver. If the same printer was connected before by Administrator account everything working well. How I can fix it? Is there any option in GPO maybe? T
  7. Hello friends! 1. I have a Windows 7 or Windows XP computer in my domain and this computer called GEROGE01. 2. GEORGE01 is known PC and located in SCCM collection; it receives all updates and software, working just fine. 2. Now, George was killed by system administrator and his computer goes to John (like Vasya in Russia) and regarding of company policy Georges PC should be reinstalled with clean OS and renamed to JOHN01. My little question is how can I do it with SCCM? There is no option to assign OS deployment task with new HOSTNAME, correct me if not. The only method I got is
  8. The solution is: 1. Copy fonts files to C:\Windows\Fonts with GPO or computer startup script. 2. Add this registry entries with GPO: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts] "Font name"="file.name" "Font2 name"="file2.name" Example: if not exist %systemroot%\fonts\FRG55__C.ttf xcopy /y FRG55__C.ttf %systemroot%\fonts\ if not exist %systemroot%\fonts\FRG56__C.ttf xcopy /y FRG56__C.ttf %systemroot%\fonts\ if not exist %systemroot%\fonts\FRG75__C.ttf xcopy /y FRG75__C.ttf %systemroot%\fonts\ if not exist %s
  9. Update. This fixed in SP2. The problem is that sync does not take updated manager field from AD. You hsve to delete manager from sharepoint profile manually and resync sharepoint with AD.
  10. Hello! Is it possible to migrate from SCCM 2007 SP2 R2 on Server 2003 (32bit) to Server 2008 (x64) installed on new hardware? Is it possible with recovery wizard? Thank you!
  11. It's me again! In Windows XP it's enough to copy font file from any location to C:\Windows\Fonts with bat file to make any application work with this font. In GPO for windows 7 I have tried to use Computer Configuration\Preferences\WIndows Settings\Files setting to do the same but Windows 7 can't recognize new font even it is copied to C:\Windows\Fonts folder with GPO. Anyone know what is my mistake?
  12. Update! Got it! Simply simultaneously replace boot.SITECODE.wim file at SMSIMAGES\SMSPKG\ and original location with any wim file you want and system will boot this image to any station that located in collection where boot from PXE task assigned. To always boot computers in collection from PXE I set “Always re-run advertisement”. I think it is easy way to manage “Thin PXE” computers (like BART PE or ThinStation) and Windows computers with SCCM.
  13. Hello! Am not sure, but I guess that since our DC’s was upgraded to 2008R2 the “My Site” “Company Hierarchy” in MOSS 2007 won’t update information from AD. Somebody know something about this issue? I have no errors in logs, profile import works just fine but no information about employee changed on “My Site” page when updated in AD (assistant, group membership, boss etc.) Thanks!
  14. Yes, rather like. I want to create collection with all pc's that don't have harddisk, assign task and use "Always rerun" option. All pc's in collection will load this image again and again like normal thin cliens OS.
  15. Update! I have success with this method: 1. Mount OS Image with DISM 2. Copy unattend.xml to C:\Windows\Panther\Unattend\ 3. unMount and Commit image with DISM 4. Deploy Why that happens? Somebody know why TS does not take my unattend,xml from package?
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