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  1. The Problem is, if I go to wmimgmt.msc -> right click "Properties" -> "Backup/Restore" and restore the old WMI data, the console opens up normal but I get the 0% downloading failure at the Software Center. If I recreate the WMI, I can't open the console anymore... The SMSProv Logs are interesting... The last entry is from 10.10.2018 even though I have opened the console since this a lot (for trying). The last error entry was this: (Bevor the error): CSspQueryForObject :: Execute... Execute WQL =select * from SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo WHERE ObjectID = "ScopeId_9D851C9F-A2
  2. Hello, I have the problem with my SCCM that I cannot open the Administration Console anymore. The last think I have do bevor it don't works anymore was to fix my 0% downloading from Software Center Problem. I have tried these steps from Arthur_Li (because the fix with the .mof files don't work for me): https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/df00b2e4-3bab-4b46-ad5a-95e82617a039/wmi-errors?forum=winserverNIS Here are the SMSAdmin Logs: [19, PID:1928][10/11/2018 08:50:07] :Transport error; failed to connect, message: 'The SMS Provider reported an
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