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  1. Looking for some help with my WDS setup to push an image to my HP Elitebook 840 G6 that uses an Intel I219-V Nic. I captured my setup image but had to move it over manually because the correct driver was not slipstreamed in, so I am not trying to add the correct driver to the boot image so I can image the 100 of these that I have. The laptop boots fine, gets an address from the WDS server, then attempts to begin setup but fails at obtaining an IP address. I have tried the following, using DISM because I am on 2012 server and cannot add Win 10 drivers using the wizard. Taking the drivers from the working install - e1d68x84 - Wont load Adding these drivers e1d65x64 Adding all the drivers from certain packs ie this one - https://www.dell.com/support/article/en-us/how13444/optiplex-7040-windows-10-driver-pack?lang=en A few of the ideas above I got from these forums but just cannot get this computer to load up. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks Denis
  2. To respond to myself a little here, when it fail boots on to the deployment server, I can manually load a driver and get an IP address, but that same driver when its the only one DISM'd in, does not work.
  3. Im having a hard time getting a Intel 82579LM Nic card to successfully install for deployment only using my WDS server. I have the capture setup fine, and using those same drivers, I cannot get the computer to communicate and successfully receive an image. Does anyone have the driver that works with this? I feel like Ive tried 200 of them and none of them will let it boot. Device ID is 1502. Thanks in advance, Denis
  4. To close this post, the answer should of been obvious to me but oh well. Celerons are treated as single core processors, and all of the images, even though the same in every way but processor, where marked as multi processor images so they would not show up. Created a new image based on the Celeron machines and everything is go now. Hopefully this can help someone else out.
  5. Well, I rebuilt the image with the newest version of the Broadcom driver, and it got to the same spot, where it sees no images. All of my older images are still working ok, so its just these newer laptops. I feel like if it was a driver issue that they wouldnt even get that far to allow me to login and see where the images should be, if the driver was wrong it would fail before that. Any help would be appreciated, Im really struggling with why this won't work when we have been using it on the same model machines for so long.
  6. Yes they are XP, but Ive got it narrowed down a little I think. The models are Dell e5500, both use Broadcom Netextreme 57XX cards the laptops that work have driver version, these new laptops are driver version 11.X.X.X The older ones are still booting and seeing the images successfully, but the new laptops are getting to the list images screen and seeing nothing. The driver must be my issue right?
  7. Hoping I can get some quick help here. Ive tried searching for this problem but can't see to find anything that answers my question. Im booting a laptop into WDS and its successfull, but when I got to choose an image, it says no images are available. Ive been using this server for a while to do multiple images, and this is the first time Ive come across this. I can verify that there are two images in the WDS console that have been working fine for me for a while. The laptops im trying to deploy this time are a little different in that they are Celeron versions of the E5500 I have, but that is the only difference. The NIC drivers are working fine as Im getting to the view images section. Anyone able to help?
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